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Bric-a-Brac Baby Back Ribs

@SENTRO 1850: All time favorite

To date, Sentro 1850 along Velez St. is probably our all time favorite restaurant. We have our individual favorites, and like Dad …

Crispy Fried Chicken

@Sentro 1850: Meal Sharing

A very generous serving of their fried chicken, it has three (3) large chicken pieces, with great-tasting gravy to match! It’s quite …

Sizzling Roast Beef Meal

Sentro1850 : Sizzling Roast Beef

If you’re looking for a special culinary journey, try the sizzling roast beef dish. It’s like having a mini-3 course meal. This …


Big Mao: Like & Dislike

This is a special post for the food that I like most and the food that didn’t meet my expectations. I actually …

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