“Fall Off the Bone” Hamonado

We wanted to try something different for New Year’s Eve, and we decided to prepare Pork Pata Hamonado. But I’m not sure if anybody is interested with a recipe this time since the food we prepared are a common fare in any Filipino household. So I’ll just be giving tips on how to prepare the “Fall Off the Bone” Hamonado.

Tips on how to prepare the “Fall off the Bone Hamonado” :

1. When buying the pata, make sure the butcher cleaned the pata by cutting the nails.

2. Brown each side of the meat for a more flavorful crust when cooked.

3. Cooked using the pressure cooker for about 30 minutes. Counting time should start the moment the pressure cooker first made a sound.

4. Water placed inside the pressure should be minimal and should be added only after all the ingredients are already measured and added inside. The liquid should be at the level of the meat, so add only a cup or two.

5. After using the pressure cooker, simmer the meat and the liquid until it thickens, turning only once in each side.

6. The pressure cooker can only loosen the outer part of the meat but it is the simmering or slow cooking that can loosen the inner meat of the pata without making it dry. If you want to eat a Hamonado that will fall off the bone with just a nudge of your fork, try these tips 😀

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