Penne Pasta with Creamy Carbonara Sauce

Tips on how to prepare the Pasta and the Sauce:

1. The most important thing to do when cooking a pasta dish is to cook the pasta “al dente”. It means “to the tooth” or firm but not underdone. It’s important to cook the pasta right  so that it will not make the dish soggy or watery and it will do justice to the sauce that you made.

2. How to cook “al dente”: The moment the water is boiling, place the pasta in the boiling water and start counting. If the instruction says that the pasta will cook in 11 minutes, start counting the moment the water is boiling and the pasta is in the pot. Stir constantly and check the pasta by biting into and you will know it’s “al dente” when it push back or has a life of its own. 😀

3. Carbonara sauce: Make sure that you stir the butter and garlic fast so as not burn the butter. You may add a tablespoon of olive oil if you want.

4. When the sauce is already cooked, turned off the burner and just mix the pasta with the sauce. There is no need to continue cooking the sauce and pasta once it’s done cooking because it will just absorbed the sauce faster and will make the pasta dry. (This is just my personal opinion because we prefer our pasta to be “saucy”)

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