Mango Float or is it a Sandstorm?

My daughter has a math project wherein they have to choose a recipe and modify it in such a way that all measurements in the list of ingredients are fractions.  I have a mango float recipe stored at the back of my head, so I suggested that she use my recipe.

Mango Sandstorm is actually a mango float recipe but we could not resist changing it to a more mysterious or name catching title since teacher will give additional points. 😀

Well, you can try my recipe and see for yourself…

Here’s the recipe for the Mango Sandstorm/Mango Float…


For the layers:
3 ¾   pcs. ripe mangoes, thinly sliced
15 ¾  sheets of graham crackers
3 ¼  cups all purpose cream
1 ¼  cup condensed milk
1 ½  cup graham crackers, crushed
¾  tbsp. choco syrup per serving slice


  1. Slice mangoes thinly.

2.  In a dish, combine 3 cups all-purpose cream with 1 cup condensed milk. Mix well and divide      into three (3) portions.

3. Assemble mango float in your desired container. Arrange 5 ¼ sheets of graham crackers at the bottom of the container.

4.  Then arrange 1 ¼ of the mango slices on top of the graham crackers evenly.

5. Then pour 1 ½  cup of the sweetened cream mixture on top.

6. Repeat the process until three(3) layers are formed.

7. Don’t forget to pour the remaining sweetened cream mixture.

8. On the top layer, pour 1 ½  cup crushed graham crackers to cover the mango float.

9. When serving, drizzle the mango float with choco syrup forming a zigzag line. Or this can be done before placing the mango float in the refrigerator.

10. Refrigerate for a couple of hours or you can serve it at room temperature.

 11. Slice and serve. Enjoy!

  • Yum! Mango-storming the palate! More, more Mae!

    • Feisty Mum

      Hi Donna, Thank you for visiting my site. Hope to post more recipes. God Bless! 🙂

  • I look at this and all I see is bad news for the throat. 😀 But maybe one slice a day is okay? 😀

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