Elben’s Dinuguan

Daddy’s specialty dish is Dinuguan. This dish uses pork innards, and does not have any pork meat. My Dad makes a mean Dinuguan, you would surely want more of this.

Elben’s Dinuguan

 Elben’s Dinuguan


garlic, onion, bell pepper and onion leaves
pig blood ( squeezed lemon grass in the blood)
“paminta” leaves
boiled pig innards with ground black pepper and “paminta” leaves


Saute garlic and onion. Then add the innards and the rest of the dry ingredients.
Cook meat until it changes in color and smell.
Add the pig’s blood and stir continuously until blood color changes to brown.
(hint: it’s already cooked if you cannot detect any raw meat smell)
  • Elben Arcilla

    wow…same name!~ *two-thumbs up!*

    • Feisty Mum

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